The Path

I’ve always had a voice and an idea about where I was going. The path wasn’t always clear but my passion always found me. The passion to write and the passion to direct. I knew that eventually, the right circumstances would lead me to the right path. I’ve always trusted my direction.

Until now…

My life’s passion to communicate and knowing what to say, coincidently, now goes hand and hand with my life’s fight to just be able to speak.

I created this blog as a personal journal but also to share in my journey.

What happens after a devastating stroke…at just 32 years old?

Well, I can tell you… It’s like going to hell and back. Am I better for it? The specks of light that are now showing through tells me that I will be better. But only time will tell.

I am officially a survivor… but what does that mean and what’s next?

The answer (I think): Relearning and rebuilding what was lost… and regaining and rediscovering who I am and who I am meant to be.

One thought on “The Path

  1. Hi Jori,

    Just passing by and share with you……Due to my stroke in July 2016, I struggle with speech and writing, finding my words is hard when it used to be so easy. I enjoyed writing prior to my stroke, used to correspond with friends and family, was productive at work with reports and research, not so much these days and I miss it.

    I am in awe of your recovery, back to your news director position, you are quite remarkable. You are an inspiration to us stroke survivors, we wish you continued success.

    In friendship,


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