How will you find shelter in the storm?

When the storm comes… and it will come…  How will you handle the aftermath?

How do you pick up the pieces from everything you built? How do you take a hit that you were never prepared for? You must understand the storms that I speak of are the ones in you. …i.e. The relationship that is crumbling because you aren’t on the same page anymore; The stress at work that is now magnified because you are trying hard to keep up with who you once were; Someone embarrassing you in public about saying the wrong word, having no idea that it’s due to a stroke.

My advice, when the storm comes…  Huddle together and find shelter.

Simple enough, I know. Find the people that love you and support you and hold onto them.  Never lose your grip on them.  Depression and isolation is the most dangerous part. So, keep a firm grasp on the people closes to you. They will protect you and shield you.  People who work together gain strength.

Think about the parent or partner that stayed by your side at the hospital, friends that wrapped their arms around you without speaking a word, or the community that experienced the same devastation wants to embrace you.  

Yes, assessing the damage can feel tragic.  Looking back on what you lost and thinking about the life you could have had. You miss the foundation of the life you were ready to build, I know.

But life moves on and storms do pass.

Looking back on my year…it amazes me how much can be packed into a year. I lost who I was… yet, I’m still standing.  I am strengthened by every wooden post, every brick, and every slab of concrete that now help to stabilize my new foundation.

It takes work and it takes time but I know I am capable of rebuilding.

… And so are YOU.

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