The Scream

Never Let Me Go — I saw the movie years ago and it just resonated. The need to pour it all out– exhaust everything—and just scream.

The Scream

The maze will try and trap you

It will wrap you in vines and try to bind you

The labyrinth is deep and winding

And your secret fear is that no one will find you

You will scream… “Why, God! What else can you throw at me?”

And you will not hear the replies you need

Your voice is horse and your throat is sore

And you feel you can’t take much more

But then, you feel the beat of your heart

And you realize, this isn’t the end…this is the start

Through the screams and through the cries

You see that you still have breath and you did not die

You are alive

And you have survived

The path is long and it is still not clear

But you are here!

Thank God, you are still here!

I wrote this poem to share and give perspective and encouragement to anyone who is dealing, fighting, and/or recovering…stay strong and don’t give up.

And if you need to scream … then scream … because it proves you are still alive.


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