It’s been awhile. I realized my passion to write was something I needed to continue and pursue. So, on my own, I have. And every time I write, I smile.

But…there are always “buts”

Drops of self-doubt and selfish pursuits leak in my mind.  I write because I enjoy it … because I feel I have something to say. But I must ask… Is that egoistical or is this somehow connected to my purpose?

Karen Armstrong spoke about her book “Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life” on Super Soul Sunday on the OWN Network.

According to her and many others… “Compassion” is the reason we are all here.  The ability to connect, feel, and give to others. God works through compassion.

If this is the reason we are all here then we must work as a whole to elevate ourselves and the world.  And by doing that… we are doing God’s work.

It’s lovely… BUT… where does my piece of the puzzle fit in?  How do I show compassion? How do I find my purpose by writing?

Suddenly, a light bulb. I saw the missing piece …my piece

We are all moving within our own streams.  For me, that stream is writing.  All my life I’ve wanted to write stories and develop characters that made readers connect. Finding compassion for people, circumstances and situations.

All our unique gifts and passions that flow through us connect to the global purpose of why we are all here.  Streams connecting to rivers. Those rivers aligning with other individuals who follow their own passions. Rivers who pool into a larger ocean that mix faith, race and intention to elevate and rise.  It must all work together. Our unique thirst is what binds us all together.  A current pushing us forward towards compassion and purpose.

Once I began to think about it in that way I found myself aligning with the promise put in my heart.

So, my advice…

Follow your heart… and go with the flow river with flowers

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