By day…I am a Technical Director for a top news organization.

By night (or what I dream of at night)…I am an inspiring author.

I’ve discovered though, that along with dreams there has to be some nightmares.

In 2016, at just 32 years old, I suffered a stroke. Disabling my ability to speak and write.

How are you unable to speak when your job as a director is to talk?…How are you unable to write when your single passion is to express using words?

As the saying goes… “Fight for what you want“.IMG_1335

It’s taken a year, and I’ve fought to have my words back. The majority have returned but not all. And though I’ve been through dark times e.i. relationships, speech therapy, going back to work, realigning my whole perspective!… I’ve also seen light.

I want to share this blog with anyone and everyone who struggles with knowing who you are when circumstances change…And understanding and inspiring others to rebuild and regain who we are and who we are meant to be.